Curious Gull

This is my rendition of another seagull buddy. A Black Headed Seagull they are funny little guys who are always looking for a handout.

Curious Gull

Curious Gull

A New Series of Shorebirds

A favorite patron of mine has requested that I paint a companion piece to go with a watercolor she recently acquired from me. I’ve decided that the thing to do was paint a series of shorebirds that she can choose from. My first is the most prevalent bird in any seashore location. Yes that would be the Seagull. This guy is painted from a reference photo from the Pixabay app.

Since he seems to have a grumpy look to him I have of named him Grumpy Gull.

Grumpy Gull

Grumpy Gull

Lots of New Works for Upcoming Fall Fairs

I haven't added any post for a while as I have been very busy creating new works for the upcoming Fall Art and Craft Fairs. I always like to have a lot of new works for my patrons to see.

I very much enjoy painting the beautiful sunrises and sunsets we have here on the Delaware shore.

Here's an example of a sunset in Long Neck Delaware. I took the reference photo at a marina minutes before the sun set. The owner of the boat noticed it on a local web site and snapped it up. 

Long Neck, Delaware Sunset.

Long Neck, Delaware Sunset.

Delmarva's Vanishing Lighthouses

Of interest to me lately are the many lighthouses that have vanished from Delaware and Chesapeake Bays. I greatly enjoy painting them. Most have fallen into the bays as the engineers of yesterday did not consider the stability of the land they decided to build on.

Using old black & white reference photos I've tried to bring them back as watercolor paintings to be enjoyed once more.

Cape Charles is an example of my current project.

The reference photo for this painting was an 1864 Coast Guard photo of the Cape Charles Lighthouse and dwellings.

The lighthouse toppled into the ocean on July 2, 1927.

Situated opposite Cape Henry, Cape Charles defines the northern side of the entrance to Chesapeake Bay and was an important point for railroad passengers of old ferrying between trains on the Delmarva Peninsula and Norfolk.


Cape Charles Lighthouse wc.jpg

Winter in the Outer Banks

A great reference photo by Stephen P Szymanski Outer Banks Sun N Fun. Avalon Fishing Pier near Kill Devil Hills, NC. Was the subject of my recent painting Outer Banks Winter Morning.

This about a 4 hour drive SOUTH of me so it ncely sums up the kind of winter it has been here in Slower Lower Delaware. Come ON Spring.



outerbanks Winter Morning.jpg

Fogged In

Fogged In
Sitting here looking out my studio window at a grey, grey January morning inspired me to repaint the 14 Foot Lighthouse resting on a fogged in Delaware Bay.

fogged in.jpg

A special Commission

At a friends request I decided to take on a more difficult challenge. This is my friends son Ethan who he has thoroughly hooked on fly fishing.

Ethan has landed his first Striped Bass on a Fly Rod. So this is a special memory for his very proud dad.

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Watercolors by Paul E. Temple

Checking out some new watercolors. In this painting I have tested some iridescent watercolors American Journey by the Famous Cheap Joes Art Supplies.

I liked the effect on the Original Painting but as you can see it doesn't show up in the scanned image.





Busy Working on Commissions

I don't often like to do commission work, but, if a piece is something that I would normally like to paint and sellable should a client backs out I will take it on.

Portraits are not something I usually enjoy doing as I'm not a big fan of detail. However when a neighbor asked me to do this one for a friend who's doggie had passed away unexpectedly I couldn't refuse.

As I began working on this painting from the reference photo supplied I noticed something in her eyes that seemed to indicate that she was not well. It then became a very sad project for me and seems to be reflected in this artwork.


Why I choose the format size I do for my artwork.

When I am fortunate enough to create an artwork that I love. I’d like to be abel to display it nicely and affordably. I choose a size that can be displayed in a mat size that will fit a standard size frame. They can be purchased at a much lower price than a custom frame. The average person can also accomplish mounting the mated artwork in a standard frame.

I use acid free professional grade watercolor paper, acid free backing board and acid free mats to protect the artwork. 

All my artwork is mounted and mated in a neutral colored mat. You can choose to frame it as is in a standard size frame. You may also chose to go with custom framing if you wish.

Here's an example of a 5" x 7" watercolor mounted in an 8" x !0" neutral mat ready to be framed in a readily available 8" x 10" standard size frame and hung on your wall.

After Edward Seago 1.jpeg

Clam Diggers on a Foggy Morning

My goal in this work was to captures folks digging for clams in the marsh on a very foggy morining


This was the composition I chose after several other sketches   

This was the composition I chose after several other sketches


Here is the color schem chosen.

Here is the color schem chosen.

Title: Calm Diggers on a Foggy Morning  Size 8" x 10" 

Title: Calm Diggers on a Foggy Morning

Size 8" x 10" 

Starting a New Adventure

I have decided to pursue developing my own website rather than use one of the out of the box solutions readily available. It's always great to shake the cobwebs out of the old noggin.

I have the site just about ready to go now and only have to decide which way to go on a shopping cart. I'd like to make it very easy and affordable for someone to own a piece of original art rather than a mass produced print.

In the future I'll be adding post on why and how I go about creating a painting. Till then it's getting a cart up and running.