Delmarva's Vanishing Lighthouses

Of interest to me lately are the many lighthouses that have vanished from Delaware and Chesapeake Bays. I greatly enjoy painting them. Most have fallen into the bays as the engineers of yesterday did not consider the stability of the land they decided to build on.

Using old black & white reference photos I've tried to bring them back as watercolor paintings to be enjoyed once more.

Cape Charles is an example of my current project.

The reference photo for this painting was an 1864 Coast Guard photo of the Cape Charles Lighthouse and dwellings.

The lighthouse toppled into the ocean on July 2, 1927.

Situated opposite Cape Henry, Cape Charles defines the northern side of the entrance to Chesapeake Bay and was an important point for railroad passengers of old ferrying between trains on the Delmarva Peninsula and Norfolk.


Cape Charles Lighthouse wc.jpg